Services & Offerings

Shoe & Boot Repair
  • Saphir Luxury Shoe Shining & Leather conditioning
  • Saphir “Mirror Shine” toe cap shine”
  • Water & Stain protection
  • Ultra Violet shoe sanitizing and disinfectant cleaning machine
  • Mold and Odor Removal-in most cases
  • Luxury Handbag and Shoe Conditioning & COLOR RESTORATION with SAPHIR Medaille D’or products-these are the highest rated shoe/handbag products in Paris and by Shoe Aficionadoes around the world. The ultimate seal of approval and golden endorsement comes from luxury label, Hermès, as the brand even uses Saphir Renovateur in their workshop to condition all their leather shoes.
  • Replacement of soles & heels
  • Custom Color Soles, including Vibram “sole factor color soles”, Goodyear colored soles, & Custom hand-poured USA made GREENWICH VINTAGE CUSTOM DESIGNER COLOR SOLES—GET THEM HERE!
  • ALLEN EDMOND Brand Heels
  • Joh. Rendenbach Soles –“J.R. soles”  finest leather soles available in the market
  • Red Protective Soles for Christian Louboutin® Shoes
  • Ladies protective soles in Tan, Black, Red, & Pink
  • Ladies heel taps in varied colors
  • Boot shorting, Heel shorting,  and other modifications
  • Replacement / custom leather insoles and heel linings
  • Elastic replacements, additions and modifications
  • Buckle Replacements
  • Snaps, Buttons, & Buckle repair /change-outs
  • Tassel repair or replacement
  • Orthopedic build-up of soles and/or heels
  • Shoe & Boot Stretching
  • Heel and toe plates for added protection
  • Handbags and bag strap replacement and adjustments
  • Zipper repair or replacement- YKK and RiRi brands
  • Various patch, gluing and sewing repairs
  • Suede shoe cleaning,  including UGG boots
  • And much more

Cobbler’s Shoe Gallery

Leather painting, dying, and handbags
  • Color Refinish, color change or touch-ups. Specialty leather paints for re-coloring of leather items such as shoes, boots, jackets & handbags: Featuring-Angelus Brand Leather Paints
  • Dyeing – changing the color of leather items – this can only be done from a lighter color to a darker color.
  • Leather, Suede & Canvas Cleaning
  • Touch up of leather items where we match the color as close as possible
  • Various shoe & boot modifications
  • Strap Shortening
  • Resizing of belts either shorter or longer
  • Resizing the calves of boots
  • Replacement or installation of elastic gussets on boots
  • ZIPPER repair or replacements- YKK Brand or RiRi brand zippers
  • Handbag Custom Leather Straps—including Vachetta Natural Leather Straps & Handles used by designers such as Christian Louboutin
  • Handbag foot corners leather paint touch up and/or hardware
  • Handbag hardware replacements
  • Replacing or recovering leather sections on leather items such as shoes, boots, jackets & handbags
  • Patching tears in leather items
  • And much more
Additional Services & High Quality Custom Leather Products

We have a full product line of Brand name Luxury shoe, handbag, hand and foot products available to keep all your Leather items lasting for years to come.  Please stop in and visit our Shoe & Handbag boutique and see the New Generation of Cobblers.

  • Belts
  • Holsters
  • Knife sheaths
  • Belt pouches
  • Small bags
  • Dog collars
  • Leashes

Cobbler’s Handbag Gallery

The Cobblers Corner

Jeremy & Crissy Taylor
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